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venture capital

Three black women in tech gathered around a conference room with their laptops.
2016 Year in Review by Terri Burns on December 14th, 2016
Here are some shout outs to the many impressive black women that did fantastic work in tech in 2016.
Dozens of blue tickets.
Issue 34 by Veve Jaffa on March 14th, 2016
As the majority of marginalized developers risk financial stability to attend industry events, our primary goal, too, goes ignored: building the resources and capital to finance our work.
A bright, busy market with rows of vendors in early evening.
Issue 33 by Kara Melton on February 22nd, 2016
The word “startup” has begun to signify a particular brand of business success... and a particular type of business person.
A black woman with her head tilted back, mouth opened as if screaming.
Issue 32 by Riley H on February 3rd, 2016
You’re happy to use the means afforded to you for being white while doing nothing meaningful for women of color.
Three different smart watches on a single wrist.
Issue 23 by Dana Cass on July 2nd, 2015
We have reduced the notion of health to a set of standards that tend to be binary, arbitrary, or both.
Perfect bubble floating through the air, reflecting a lush green land on its surface.
Issue 22 by Dimas Guardado on June 11th, 2015
We are conditioned to reason about economic vulnerability in terms of individual merit, instead of as systemic failure.
American flag mounted high over an urban setting.
Issue 20 by Terri Burns on April 28th, 2015
American technology culture is reflective and a result of American systemic racism and sexism.
Pens and a standardized verbal test.
2014 in Review by Audrey Watters on December 9th, 2014
There’s little to no evidence that more technology or more data-mining will “fix” education.
A single penny in a jar.
Events by CK Oliver on October 30th, 2014
Having cisgender white males and venture capitalists creating projects about diversity not only doesn’t make sense, it’s insulting.
Aerial shot of Silicon Valley and the Bay.
Surveillance by Elijah Sparrow on October 9th, 2014
Since the dot-com crash, data collection and analysis have become the core DNA of most internet companies.