Photo of Terri Burns.

Terri Burns

Terri‘s a product manager at Twitter and contributor at Forbes. When she’s not writing code, Terri likes tweeting, reading, and eating.


Three black women in tech gathered around a conference room with their laptops.

Black Women in Tech, 2016

Here are some shout outs to the many impressive black women that did fantastic work in tech in 2016.

Two people working together to make something on a pottery wheel.

Side Project Culture: Opportunities and Obstacles for Marginalized People in Tech

While side projects can be a great indicator of personality, ability, and work-ethic, they should not have as much ability to make or break someone’s career.

American flag mounted high over an urban setting.

Dreaming: Holding Onto the Hope of Justice in Technology and America

American technology culture is reflective and a result of American systemic racism and sexism.