Issue 26

the Week of August 31, 2015
Iridescent glass jellyfish.

In this issue, new articles critique the tech hiring process, present a systems-oriented view of diversity at tech companies, and explore race and representation in video games. We sit down for a long chat with Two Black Nerds, and look how Fund Club was built, plus advice for making your own diversity-in-tech initiative. Finally, an intimate look at starting a company while mentally ill. Photo CC-BY Sonny Abesamis, cropped and filtered.

A woman, floating or levitating above a bed, dark lights reaching from the mattress while she floats in light.

“Here’s To The Crazy Ones”: Stigma Against Mental Illness in Tech

It seems to have occurred to no one that if we could stop punishing people for being mentally ill, and for speaking up about it, we could actually get the "conversation" we claim to want.


An Interview With Two Black Nerds

We caught up about their work, black men in tech, how to make your own podcast, and where the future of tech is going.