2016 Year in Review

the Week of December 12, 2016
An angel statue in a cemetery.

In this issue, we review the major events, themes and trends from 2016 in technology and culture. We look at the state of data, propaganda and critical literacy. We explore the state of activism dedicated to mental health in the tech industry. We celebrate the accomplishments of Black women in technology in 2016. We present new research on hackathons and exclusion. We present multiple critiques on why diversity in tech is failing. Plus, a special analysis from our editor. Photo CC-BY Cindy Funk.

Large sports stadium with a floor absolutely packed with hackers at tables.

Masculinity and Machinery: Analysis of Care Practices, Social Climate and Marginalization at Hackathons

This is a feminist issue considering hackathon practices prevent the growth of a diverse, critical tech sphere.

Three black women in tech gathered around a conference room with their laptops.

Black Women in Tech, 2016

Here are some shout outs to the many impressive black women that did fantastic work in tech in 2016.

Brandon Gilbert standing in a walkway between buildings. He is wearing a green jacket with roses on it and a baseball cap.

Diversity in Tech Remains Elusive Due to Racism, Lack of Representation and Cultural Differences

"...you see it within the first two years in the tech world that you’re just being consumed as a pillar of knowledge instead of a pillar of greatness."

Aerial image of the Facebook campus: shaped in a triangle, featuring large compounds and huge parking lots.

The Impact of Product Decisions on Tech Diversity Initiatives

Tech product decisions result in the constant alienation of diverse users.

A person with their cheek and hands pressed closely and deeply against the glass of the photo.

Are You More Than Okay: The State of Mental Health in Tech in 2016

Our efforts in supporting mental health must be comprehensive.

Visualization of light pollution across the United States taken from space.

2016: A Year of Data-Driven Confusion

Building a responsible data approach to practices and comprehension.

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