Photo of Julia Nguyen.

Julia Nguyen is a software engineer, writer, and Prompt speaker from Toronto. Julia is the founder of if me, an open source mental health communication app. She organized mentorship initiatives at the University of Waterloo Women in Computer Science Undergraduate Committee. She is the lead organizer of Southeast Asian Ladies in Tech, and organizes meetups for the San Francisco chapter of Write/Speak/Code.


A person with their cheek and hands pressed closely and deeply against the glass of the photo.

Are You More Than Okay: The State of Mental Health in Tech in 2016

Our efforts in supporting mental health must be comprehensive.

Computer science classroom , showing students with open computers.

Exclusion and Exceptionality in the Pipeline

In computer science classrooms across high schools and universities, minorities are excluded and exit early in the pipeline.

Rows and rows of desks set up in a large auditorium.

The Pressures of Success in Undergraduate Computer Science Programs

There is a major problem with the education system.