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Photo of downtown Pittsburgh, the City of Steel. The land reaches a point where two rivers converge; large steel traffic bridges cross into the distance.

Tips on Unionizing Your Tech Workforce

Organizers on getting started, holding conversations about your workplace and building solidarity.

A collage of images from Colorstock. Photos in the collage include a Black couple in a wedding portrait, a Black child being swung between her parents' arms, as well as images of people typing on laptops, and a table with tea and an iPhone.

Diversifying Stock Photography: An Interview with Jenifer Daniels, Founder and CEO of Colorstock

"The internet in and of itself is very male and very pale and very English. The way that we write copy, the way we code, the way we find solutions to technical problems, all ascribe to that philosophy of 'white, male and pale.'"

Screenshot from Snapshot game: shows a room in pixelated graphics with skull and heart posters on the wall, a computer desk, several bookshelves, a rug, and bed with pillows.

Finding Ourselves in Play: A New Database of Games on Sexuality, Gender and Relationships

"Opportunities for queer representation are improving, but there are certainly still gaps that need to be filled."

A group of four Black and brown gamers sitting in a living room, watching one of their group, holding a game controller, play intently.

A New Way to Support Diversity in Games: Introducing Found Loot!

"Sometimes all you need is a little boost to keep going, so we're trying to do that.”

A person reaching for a lightbulb illuminated in a dark room.

Putting a Spotlight on Diversity in Tech Burnout

As our initial community survey shows, burnout in the diversity in tech movement represents a state of crisis.

Photo of Sherrell Dorsey.

Building a Platform for Black Tech News: Our Interview With Sherrell Dorsey, Founder of ThePLUG

"ThePLUG was birthed out of the idea that creativity and the world of tech are nuanced industries with diverse people that are too often left out of mainstream media."

Photo of Anthony wearing a Phat Startup t-shirt and a hat, arms crossed.

An Interview with Anthony Frasier

"There’s always a lot of things when it comes to Black people in America, where it can make a young person feel like, why even try? It can create so many mental barriers for a young person. So if I can do my part in trying to break those down before they even build up, I’m gonna do that."

Stacks of Model View Culture print editions.

Funding In-Depth: Our Subscription Model

A behind-the-scenes look at how MVC subscriptions work: how we set pricing, design our marketing, what technology we use, and how to use these tactics for your own media project.

Stack of pancakes.

Designing a Sponsorship Program

We cover picking a price point, promoting your sponsorships, developing ethical guidelines, and how sponsors help us make MVC.

Different-colored gummy bears.

Using Crowdfunding To Support Your Work

How we think about and use crowdfunding at MVC, and what social justice/feminist/community platforms can learn from us.

Pile of silver coins.

Funding Model View Culture

Building sustainable funding that supports your mission and goals, allows you to grow, and develops community connection.

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Top 25 Model View Culture Posts of 2015

A quick tour of our top articles, features and interviews from the year!

A model using the Dipper while talking on the phone.

Interview With Aniyia Williams, Founder of Tinsel

We spoke to Aniyia about the wearable tech market, raising seed funding, building your founding team and where Tinsel is going.

Fund Club home page.

Building Fund Club

This is a post about why and how we developed Fund Club, and what we’ve learned in the process.

Photo of Shanley Kane.

Interview with Shanley Kane, Editor, Model View Culture

"We are not getting hired, and we are not getting promoted, and we are being systematically driven out of the industry."

Open notebook with a pen lying on the binding.

25 Tips for Diverse Hiring

Addressing hiring holistically.

Photo of Chad Taylor.

Q&A: Making Tech Events Accessible to the Deaf Community

"Not many hearing people realize Deaf people have to fight for access on a daily basis."

Photo of Camille.

On Distributed Systems and Engineering Management

An Interview with Camille Fournier

The Gittip Github Issues page, featuring open technical issues on the platform.

An Interview About Gittip With Ellen Marie Dash (duckie)

Community management, open company principles and more.

A diagram of a letter.

An Open Letter on Feminism In Tech

We are tired of pretending this stuff doesn’t happen.

The marquee sign of the Castro Theatre, which reads: First-ever Lesbians Who Tech Summit.

Interview with Leanne Pittsford of Lesbians Who Tech

Q&A on the Summit, queer women in technology, and the latest and greatest in queer tech.

The three founding members smile and look at the camera. Snacks and a Mozilla sign are in the background.

Maven: A Cyberworld for LGBTQ Youth

We interviewed Monica Ann Arrambide from Maven.

Photo of Mattie Brice.

Other Types of Play: Games and Anti-Oppression

An interview with Mattie Brice on how play is challenging the status quo as a new tool for activism and expression.

Screenshot of the website. The title reads 'San Francisco is in Crisis' and the subtitle is 'Real-estate speculators are evicting longtime city residents. Many of the affected are ELDERLY, DISABLED and LOW-INCOME with no affordable housing options. YOU CAN HELP. Don't rent or buy property available because of a no-fault eviction.'

Bay-Area Residents: Rent Responsibly

Don’t Move Into Housing Available Due to Eviction Law Abuse

Detail view of Rowe's 'Learning Feminine: sister' piece, showing a white art gallery wall, with three pink picture frames. The frames are filled with pink silicon, and a variety of ponytails and hair are hanging down from the frames to be styled by the visitor to the gallery.

Pink: Libby Rowe on Interactive Art

Botticelli, 26 pairs of panties, hundreds of broken tea cups and challenging what it means to be feminine.