Photo of Jenifer Daniels.

Jenifer Daniels is an award-winning, accredited PR strategist and educator. In 15+ years of work, she’s managed a rebrand for a large nonprofit, created #GoodCamp, an unconference for communication professionals, and educated thousands in effective communication and branding. She is an adjunct professor and frequent co-host of #WomensWednesday on SiriusXM Progress’ Make It Plain. Jenifer has been quoted in The New York Times, HuffPostLive, BBC News, Essence, and more. Image credit: BeMe Photography.


A collage of images from Colorstock. Photos in the collage include a Black couple in a wedding portrait, a Black child being swung between her parents' arms, as well as images of people typing on laptops, and a table with tea and an iPhone.

Diversifying Stock Photography: An Interview with Jenifer Daniels, Founder and CEO of Colorstock

"The internet in and of itself is very male and very pale and very English. The way that we write copy, the way we code, the way we find solutions to technical problems, all ascribe to that philosophy of 'white, male and pale.'"