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Riley H

Non-binary trans, femme homo who returned to school after many million years to devour the tech world with their zany calls for diversity, ready to smash the (imaginary) meritocracy. Anime geek and eternal Japanese language student who works on coding games, pixel art and fantasy fiction novel writing in their free time.


A black woman with her head tilted back, mouth opened as if screaming.

Dear White Women in Tech: Here’s a Thought — Follow Your Own Advice

You’re happy to use the means afforded to you for being white while doing nothing meaningful for women of color.

by Riley H
A cracked egg.

Your Half-Assed Diversity Initiatives Aren’t Going to Cut It In 2016

Companies have made it crystal clear that they don’t actually care about the diversity they’re supposed to be working on.

by Riley H
A continuation of the previous photo: the same model and angle, but now the flower petals completely cover her shoulders and face, leaving only her short hair exposed against a blue background.

Misogynoiristic Expectancy: Social Media Popularity and the Black Femme

The punishment for stepping out of line can be anywhere from regular harassment to doxxing, and as Black femmes are hypervisible but ultimately powerless, they are regularly crushed in such attacks.

by Riley H