Photo of Alayna Cole.

Alayna Cole is a writer, editor, researcher, developer, and teacher. When she isn’t curled up in a ball and worrying about all of the hats she wears, she lectures in serious game design at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is a DCA candidate investigating representation of queer perspectives in fairy tales. Her doctoral research and experience in the game industry led to her founding Queerly Represent Me, a database collating examples of queer content in games. Alayna also works as a freelance journalist, seeking to provide the public with timely and straightforward access to her academic research and findings.


Screenshot from Snapshot game: shows a room in pixelated graphics with skull and heart posters on the wall, a computer desk, several bookshelves, a rug, and bed with pillows.

Finding Ourselves in Play: A New Database of Games on Sexuality, Gender and Relationships

"Opportunities for queer representation are improving, but there are certainly still gaps that need to be filled."