Mattie Brice

Mattie Brice is a play and games critic, designer, and activist. She previously wrote at publications like Kotaku, Paste Magazine, and PopMatters about design and social justice within the games industry, and now writes independently. She also designs experimental games like EAT, Mission, and her most notable Mainichi, which was exhibited at the Museum of Design in Atlanta and an Official Selection at IndieCade. Mattie regularly speaks at industry events such as the Game Developers Conference and Different Games, including being the international keynote at Game Connect Asia Pacific and co-founder of the Queerness and Games Conference. She is currently in academia as a working artist and consults on game design and diversity initiatives in the games industry.


Photo of Mattie Brice.

Other Types of Play: Games and Anti-Oppression

An interview with Mattie Brice on how play is challenging the status quo as a new tool for activism and expression.