2014 in Review

the Week of December 8, 2014
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In this issue, we talk about the major themes, events and trends of 2014. We cover the state of tech and its culture: what we saw this year, community and corporate response, and what comes next. We explore the rise of social media activism, and analyze the ongoing threats of online abuse and cyber sexual assault. We critique the year in education technology, the movement for codes of conduct at tech events, and the urgent & systemic problems tech still won’t address. Photo CC-BY stephanie carter, cropped.

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This Tweet Called My Back

"We are Black Women, AfroIndigenous and women of color who have organized a social media Blackout."

Coding While Black logo

Lessons Learned While Working to Build Black Tech Community

I weigh the challenges we face against the spirit of our group. We embrace our blackness, we love black identity, and we are proud to be coders.

Photo of Shanley Kane.

Interview with Shanley Kane, Editor, Model View Culture

"We are not getting hired, and we are not getting promoted, and we are being systematically driven out of the industry."

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Codes of Conduct: When Being Excellent is Not Enough

The idea that the software industry benefits from an unwritten law of unconditional and mutual respect is an extension of meritocratic thinking: it’s as unrealistic as the meritocracy itself.

Protesters reading signs that say 'End white supremacy' 'Racism kills' and 'We won't take it anymore'.

Support for Black Humanity in Tech

I condemn the culture that has no problem acknowledging and using my labor, but would not support my fight for my humanity.

The flash of a camera in the mirror.

Leaking Nudes

The leaking of celebrity nudes was a part of the larger trend in 2014: reminding women of our place and using technology and the sexism in tech to do so.

Pens and a standardized verbal test.

Ed-Tech Year in Review

There’s little to no evidence that more technology or more data-mining will “fix” education.

Stone ouroboros focused on where the mouth meets the tail.

Ouroboros Outtakes: The Circle Was Never Unbroken

This is the year that social media has really stepped into its power.

A bingo card with categories including 'Name drops Sheryl Sandberg', 'That would never happen in my company', 'Pipeline', 'We're all in this together', 'Men's voices need to be heard too', 'Lean In', and 'Says feminist activism scares women away from tech.'

Diversity for Sale

The commoditization of diversity in tech.