Lesli-Ann Lewis

Lesli-Ann Lewis is a small, queer and brown invader of homogeneous spaces. Her work and passion centers on the marginalized experience. She’s now blogging about her life and art at fireinfreetown.com.


The flash of a camera in the mirror.

Leaking Nudes

The leaking of celebrity nudes was a part of the larger trend in 2014: reminding women of our place and using technology and the sexism in tech to do so.

Rope wound around a metal cylinder.

Sex and Tech: The Sexual Revolution

There is another sexual revolution happening, and it's online now.

Photo of the Oracle campus behind a vast blue fountain. The four office buildings are looming, reflective, futuristic, blue and cylindrical against a day sky.

The Newest Frontier

Tech, the latest bastion of structural and economic White supremacy.