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Map of the underwire active and planned submarine cable systems around the world. For the purposes of this article, the map illustrates the vast number of internet cables that cluster around the Western world.

Data Colonialism: Critiquing Consent and Control in “Tech for Social Change”

Lack of ethical processes around data collection and management, and ongoing Western control over data, continue the legacy of colonialism within aid work.

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Protecting the “Bro-Club”: Sacrificing Women, Keeping the Bullies at Tech Companies

No one heard us, no one stood up for us, no one tried to help us. Instead they tried to silence us.

A unicorn drawn on the lid of a laptop next to the Apple logo.

Tech, Affirmative Action and The Lochte Effect

Wage gaps and hiring discrimination persist despite the fact that most large corporations have affirmative action and equal opportunity policies.

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Building Better Tech Cultures for People with ADHD

Many tech workers with ADHD don’t fit the stereotypes.

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6 Signs That Your Company’s “Diversity” Initiatives Are Just Covering Up A Hostile Work Environment

Many companies preach about diversity, but do nothing of substance to address their issues.

A woman sitting and facing snow-covered trees, pictured through a 4-pane window.

Without Scars: Domestic Violence, Abuse and the Tech Pipeline

I look around and I see my friends building technologies that make life easier for abusers. I am overwhelmingly sad thinking of all the people whose lives have been made orders of magnitude more hellish carrying ever-connected computers on their bodies.

A person with long, curly hair on a stage all alone, facing a bright light.

Mental Health and Diversity Work

Recognize that, while extremely beneficial, diversity-in-tech work exacts an emotional and mental toll on the well-being of the people who do it.

A lightbulb, slowly burning out in the dark, a hand reaching out to touch it.

The Hidden Power Dynamics of Open Source

Despite our mythologies of open source as a flat, accessible, democratic model for software development, the way we lead our open source groups consistently proves otherwise.

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The Expendables: How Game Development Standards are Inherently Harmful

In a way, you were the dream: someone who delivered high-quality work - or even perfection - without staying at the company long enough to get paid.

Desks and chairs in a classroom.

Institutional Barriers for Women of Color at Code Schools

In an industry where black, Latina, and indigenous womyn make up less than 3% of the field, we know that walking through those code school doors, we will be outliers.

Protesters reading signs that say 'End white supremacy' 'Racism kills' and 'We won't take it anymore'.

Support for Black Humanity in Tech

I condemn the culture that has no problem acknowledging and using my labor, but would not support my fight for my humanity.

A bingo card with categories including 'Name drops Sheryl Sandberg', 'That would never happen in my company', 'Pipeline', 'We're all in this together', 'Men's voices need to be heard too', 'Lean In', and 'Says feminist activism scares women away from tech.'

Diversity for Sale

The commoditization of diversity in tech.

Edge of a chalkboard.

Technical Interviews Are Bullshit

I don’t want to be on an engineering team with people who were primarily chosen by their ability to write code on a whiteboard.

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That Time I Was Caught Cheating, Sucking Face, and Sitting on a White Man’s Lap at Work

Men walk away virtually unscathed by their acts of extra-marital sexuality. Women get contempt and professional backlash.

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“Brilliance,” “Pride” and “Genius”: How Tech Culture Hides Mental Illness

I can lie to doctors in order to get out of a frightening psych ward, but I can’t lie to myself anymore.

A bunch of empty wine bottles on shelves with a brick background.

Don’t Ignore the Fire Burning Your House: Mental Illness and Working in Tech

I was so used to being screamed at, ignored and debased that I thought it was normal.

Sign with a skull illustration that reads DANGER Toxic Hazard.

Leaving Toxic Open Source Communities

Exploring the cultural shame of leaving and tips for finding healthy communities.

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Managing Silicon Spoons

Management & Chronic Illness

A row of school desks in a classroom.

Managing Up and Barely Holding On

When company attitudes around training and growth unwittingly produce ineffective managers.

A bookshelf full of programming books, including Linux Cookbook, Mastering Regular Expressions, Head First Design Patterns and more.

You Saved My Life, Now You’re Destroying It

Growing up abused and transitioning to an abusive workplace leaves the pattern that abuse is normal.

Screen shot of the Tech Can Do Better Project homepage, which reads: LET'S FIX THIS. Workers at all levels of the tech industry contribute to the staggering success of companies in Silicon Valley, yet still struggle to pay for the basics.

Not a Tech Bro, but Not a Tech Lady

A queer nonbinary South Asian dreams of intersectionality in tech.

People at a cocktail party.

Making it Past the Lobby of the Meritocracy

What does it mean to have success socializing at hot-ticket events if you can't get past the front door of them?

A crumpled paper ball.

Why I Quit My Job at a Prestigious Public Media Company

“Go to HR, deal with that asshole head on, but whatever you do, do not lose your shit. You can’t become ‘angry black woman.’”

Blurred image of men talking.

An Untold Startup Story

A story of sexual assault leading to the downfall of a female founder.