Sydette Harry

Sydette Harry

Sydette Harry is a cultural critic, troublemaker and writer from NYC. Her next project is a decidedly low/high tech response to media, age and race, also grad school. She has been published in dissent, Salon and the blogs as @blackamazon.


Stone ouroboros focused on where the mouth meets the tail.

Ouroboros Outtakes: The Circle Was Never Unbroken

This is the year that social media has really stepped into its power.

Photo of Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis on stage.

Everyone Watches, Nobody Sees: How Black Women Disrupt Surveillance Theory

Our picture of surveillance needs to factor in not just tech developments, but the cultural standards that have bred surveillance, especially towards black culture, as part and parcel in our world.

A large 3D hashtag erected by painted boards of wood against a concrete background.

More Than the Message

Media, Safety and Attribution in Online Activism