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Veve Jaffa

Veve Jaffa is a bioluminescent creator of filmic and digital worlds, queering canon one beloved cis-heteronormative narrative at a time.

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The first VR prototype: a bulky contraption with a mounted screen over the eyes, thick wires and cords attached to a mannequin head.

Welcome to Virtual Reality: Valid Identification Required

While you’re exploring virtual reality, Facebook is exploring you.

A sticker on a metal pipe that reads "Safe?" in bold letters.

Twitter’s New Verification Process is a Game Rigged Against Its Marginalized Users

Verification fragments an open platform based on social hierarchy and provides rewards and treatment accordingly.

Ellie and Riley from The Last of Us: Left Behind, looking towards us as if posing for a photograph; Riley is giving Ellie bunny ears behind her head. Both are dressed in soiled outdoors-y clothes and wearing backpacks.

Downloadable Diversity: How AAA Games Monetize Minority Representation

Diverse characters and storylines are often withheld from games to be sold as optional add-ons for additional cost.

From "Fez": Gomez, the main character, has on sunglasses and a gold dollar sign around his neck, and leaps from a pixelated, grassy ground towards dollar signs in starry sky.

The Myth of The Indie Game Success Story Needs to Stop and Here’s Why

The high visibility of indie success stories creates the illusion that commercial success is accessible and achievable by all, disregarding the challenges most indie developers face.

Dozens of blue tickets.

GDC, Assimilation and Opportunity: What A Free Event Ticket Costs When You’re A Marginalized Developer

As the majority of marginalized developers risk financial stability to attend industry events, our primary goal, too, goes ignored: building the resources and capital to finance our work.

An image from REDDER, in sunset tones. The character is shown standing on a ledge. An energy cell, which the character must collect, is on a long ledge above where they stand.

Ohmygod Are You Going To Be Alright? An Interview on Passion, Perseverance and Hope for the Future with Anna Anthropy

"I don't know if I believe in passion. Passion is the thing that lets us overlook how badly we're hurting."

Logo that reads "Gaming For Everyone" with icons of a planet, rocket ship, and alien.

Intel at IndieCade: The Cost of Diversity in Games

Marginalized developers suffer from an industry-wide epidemic that withholds basic income from hard-working artists for the dubious privilege of exposure. But despite popular belief, we are not in dire need of exposure, petty consolations, or a tent on the outskirts of a major industry event.

In-game screenshot; a character looks at the camera, wearing a vest and bowtie, leaning against a graphical case of bottles.

Calling all Ladies, Dames and Fems: How Inclusive Spaces In Tech Harm the Communities Most in Need

Organizations run by primarily white, cis, straight founders train the majority of their focus on alleviating alienation for white cis women in cis male-centric spaces, but do little to dig deeper into other marginalized identities and access needs.