Kara Melton

Kara is a Master’s Candidate in the Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s University. She researches questions of racial progress and spends time thinking on community building, startups, tech and design, board games, and donuts.


Close-up of two black people holding their ankles and lower calves in their hands, feet upturned.

Confronting the Assumption of Whiteness in Virtual Spaces

We must avoid thinking that this new virtual frontier is somehow separate from the violences and exclusions that shape the ‘outside world.’

Artistic shot of a video game controller.

Why It Matters That Steph Curry’s On-Court Awesome Is Missing in NBA 2K16

In a social environment where the movement of black people is produced through constant surveillance, Curry’s inability to be accurately transformed into a digital version is a powerful critique.

A bright, busy market with rows of vendors in early evening.

How Tech Business Models Come From Marginalized Communities, But Startups Are Still Mostly White

The word “startup” has begun to signify a particular brand of business success... and a particular type of business person.