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Close-up of a drink with a lemon slice.
Events by Kara Sowles on October 28th, 2014
Confronting the assumed use of alcohol forces admission of other issues long swept under the tech industry’s rug.
A bike lane in an empty street.
Mental Illness and Disability by Anonymous Author on August 11th, 2014
I can lie to doctors in order to get out of a frightening psych ward, but I can’t lie to myself anymore.
Close-up of an Adderall pill.
Mental Illness and Disability by Cori Johnson on August 11th, 2014
No amount of life hacks can train you out of having ADHD.
The top of an entryway reading 'Linus Torvalds Auditorium'.
Open Source by Naomi Slater on July 21st, 2014
As the diversity in tech movement gains traction, open source faces an identity crisis.
Red, white and blue sticker that says 'I Like Eich'.
Open Source by Tim Chevalier on July 21st, 2014
Hero worship, “meritocracy” and the Eich crisis.
A mobile phone with the Facebook login screen displayed.
Social Media by Anna Lauren Hoffmann on June 30th, 2014
The Zuckerberg Files and Facebook’s Enduring Contempt for the World
A sign on a bulletin board that reads 'HR: What's the point of it all?'
Management by Shanley Kane on June 9th, 2014
The toxic devaluation of HR at tech companies.
A pitcher being filled with beer from a keg.
Management by Melissa Santos & Rafe Colburn on June 9th, 2014
Perks are a poor substitute for a culture built on a stronger, more inclusive foundation.
Photo of the Oracle campus behind a vast blue fountain. The four office buildings are looming, reflective, futuristic, blue and cylindrical against a day sky.
Management by Lesli-Ann Lewis on June 9th, 2014
Tech, the latest bastion of structural and economic White supremacy.
A word cloud created by the author. It includes phrases such as: How lame. It's just a joke. That's gay. You don't belong here. You're so sensitive. They're just not as good at programming. So simple your mother can do it. Its a lynch mob. You're only here because of quotas. The event isn't accessible. What's your real name.
Abuse by Julie Pagano on April 28th, 2014
We spend a lot of time trying to counteract attacks on our systems, but often overlook abuses directed at people.