the Week of June 9, 2014
A black and white photo of tree roots, large and gnarled.

In this issue, we explore management. We cover structural and economic white supremacy in tech, critique the ways managers are promoted and trained, and discuss how tech leaders can advocate for accessibility. We look at the design and technology of ‘social good’ ventures, building a culture that doesn’t revolve around perks, and workplace discrimination against people with chronic illnesses. We critique agile methodology, explore common HR anti-patterns, and talk about engineering culture and distributed systems. Plus, new images and interviews! Header image CC-BY Steve Garry, cropped and filtered.

Photo of Camille.

On Distributed Systems and Engineering Management

An Interview with Camille Fournier

A sign on a bulletin board that reads 'HR: What's the point of it all?'

HR Antipatterns at Startups

The toxic devaluation of HR at tech companies.

A thin needle against a non-descript background.

Managing Silicon Spoons

Management & Chronic Illness

A pitcher being filled with beer from a keg.

How Perks Can Divide Us

Perks are a poor substitute for a culture built on a stronger, more inclusive foundation.

The Gittip Github Issues page, featuring open technical issues on the platform.

An Interview About Gittip With Ellen Marie Dash (duckie)

Community management, open company principles and more.

Photo of the Oracle campus behind a vast blue fountain. The four office buildings are looming, reflective, futuristic, blue and cylindrical against a day sky.

The Newest Frontier

Tech, the latest bastion of structural and economic White supremacy.

Photo of a white wall covered with sticky notes as part of the design process. Many of the notes are difficult to make out, but say things like 'What I want to know', 'What community?' 'Existing efforts? Who is doing what?'.

It’s Not You, It’s The System

Design and Technology for Social Good

The clear outline of a human skull with looming eye sockets is formed by a large number of management-related objects, including cash, papers full of charts and graphs, post-it notes and coffee cups. The objects comprising the skull seem to be in free-fall as if dropped, some bills and post-it notes drifting outside the outline of the skull they make up.

Paper Trail

An illustration about management.

A row of school desks in a classroom.

Managing Up and Barely Holding On

When company attitudes around training and growth unwittingly produce ineffective managers.

Photo of the author speaking at an event, holding a microphone and gesturing.

Articulating and Advocating for Accessibility

Tech workers should be advocating for accessibility - how to get started and what to expect.

This issue is made possible in part by some of our generous readers: Julie Ann Horvath, Jacqui Cheng,Schell Carpenter, Noah McCormack, Dan Peebles, Michael Bernstein and Seth Thomas.