Shanley Kane

Shanley Kane is founder and CEO of Model View Culture. She is a cultural critic, organizer, writer and feminist.


Scientific diagram of a crown ether.

When Movements Backfire: Violence Against Women and Online Harassment

The anti-online harassment movement is already replicating many of the shortcomings, failures, erroneous assumptions and faulty strategies of the larger violence against women movement.

The Death Star rising above an urban landscape with power lines in the distance.

Tech Workers: Please Stop Defending Tech Companies

Why in the fuck would you stand with billionaires, corrupt power centers, and technology dynasties... over the very people that you work alongside?

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Women in Tech and The Awareness Problem

We never interrogate exactly what we have become aware of, or what it’s all been for.

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Diversity and Companies-As-Systems

Diversity in tech is not only about ending technology empires that employ almost all white men, but about ending the ecosystems around tech companies that benefit primarily white males through a constellation of seemingly “secondary” effects in a far vaster net.

A woman, floating or levitating above a bed, dark lights reaching from the mattress while she floats in light.

“Here’s To The Crazy Ones”: Stigma Against Mental Illness in Tech

It seems to have occurred to no one that if we could stop punishing people for being mentally ill, and for speaking up about it, we could actually get the "conversation" we claim to want.

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A New, Open Source Funding Platform With Diversity At The Core

Building a welcoming and sustainable funding community.

Tweet from user Jason that reads: Consent n journalism? If you are a public figure (i would say over 10k twitter followers), you don't get to consent.

“Internet Famous”: Visibility As Violence On Social Media

How the fuck does your “meritocracy” explain this?

A sign on a bulletin board that reads 'HR: What's the point of it all?'

HR Antipatterns at Startups

The toxic devaluation of HR at tech companies.

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Five Good Things Happening in Venture Capital

VC is paying attention, successful organizations, new tech centers, woman-led VC and more.

A group of five young men, posing awkwardly in front of a small backyard swimming pool. All are wearing collared shirts. One man wears a professor style blazer, with elbow patches, another has a Patagonia fleece vest.

The Startup Mythologies Trifecta

They work together in concert, and in practice, function to exclude and marginalize minorities in tech.

Lean Against: Building an Alternative to Lean In Within Tech

The ultimate message of Lean In ideology is transparent in the name itself: Stay in the machine. Work for the machine. Appease the machine.

Critical text on panopticism is relevant to the discussion of the relationship between today's tech employers and their employees.

Tech Workers, Political Speech and Economic Threat

How tech companies claim employees’ identities and speech through direct economic coercion.