Mental Illness and Disability

the Week of August 11, 2014
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We have articles on how the stigma of mental illness manifests unfairly at work, Autistics in Silicon Valley, and ADHD and recreational use of Adderall in tech. We explore mental illness and social media, discuss mental health in abusive workplaces, and examine initiatives within the industry to build awareness and empathy around mental illness. New authors tell their stories, covering suicide and shame, depression and the risks of being out, and the harmful pressures of tech culture at every level. Header image CC-BY Dirk Duckhorn, cropped and filtered.


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Talking About Mental Illness

Stigma, privilege, and mental health.

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Mental Illness In The Workplace: Are You Being Served?

Support staff are often expected to respect the states of our more privileged and powerful co-workers, yet our own frailties, states of depression, or anxiety are seen as not deserving of care and accommodation.

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How Far to Fall

Forcing people to live in fear shows nothing but a cruel disregard of their lives.

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The Pressures of Success in Undergraduate Computer Science Programs

There is a major problem with the education system.

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“Brilliance,” “Pride” and “Genius”: How Tech Culture Hides Mental Illness

I can lie to doctors in order to get out of a frightening psych ward, but I can’t lie to myself anymore.

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Don’t Ignore the Fire Burning Your House: Mental Illness and Working in Tech

I was so used to being screamed at, ignored and debased that I thought it was normal.

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Adderall Has a Tech Industry Problem

No amount of life hacks can train you out of having ADHD.

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