Julie Pagano

Julie is a software engineer based in Pittsburgh who likes to focus on the front-end and user experience. When she’s not working at her day job, she cares about championing diversity in tech and helping others in the community. She organizes and teaches classes for the Pittsburgh chapter of Girl Develop It, an organization that helps teach women how to code. Julie also organizes online support groups for public speakers in the tech community and people dealing with impostor syndrome.

Julie is also known for her smashing Feminist Hulk impressions and her army of firebees. When she has the free time, she dabbles in writing and creating comics and stop-motion videos.


A word cloud created by the author. It includes phrases such as: How lame. It's just a joke. That's gay. You don't belong here. You're so sensitive. They're just not as good at programming. So simple your mother can do it. Its a lynch mob. You're only here because of quotas. The event isn't accessible. What's your real name.

Abuse as DDoS

We spend a lot of time trying to counteract attacks on our systems, but often overlook abuses directed at people.