Published Apr 28

Our sixth issue is Abuse. Many of the articles in this issue contain discussion and/or specific accounts of assault, rape, stalking, harassment, workplace aggression and other forms of violence. In this issue we explore sexual assault in tech, how systemic abuse affects its targets, and why hiring for diversity isn’t enough to change tech culture. We cover how entitlement leads to abusive behaviors, how serial abusers are allowed to operate in tech workplaces, and some steps that targets of online harassment can take to investigate threats. We discuss how abuse of users is built into social platforms and how games can be forces in anti-oppression. We hear lived experiences of abuse, which is pervasive in our industry.

We spend a lot of time trying to counteract attacks on our systems, but often overlook abuses directed at people.
A story about how sexual assault and the fallout led to one female entrepreneur leaving the startup community.
The true story of a team that tried and failed to retain diverse employees.
I was told I had to give up my hard-won office for this guy. This guy, who weeks into the job started lobbing paper balls at my head.
Individual choices to not fall behind in the arms race of user mistreatment become the deliberate and disingenuous cover story of "everyone's doing it."
Sexism, Harassment, Free Labor And How to Make It Better: Here are some stories from the trenches, peppered with a little advice I wish I’d had starting out back in 2007.
You can use these techniques to build a picture of the threat that you or others may be facing, and make more informed decisions about how to react.
Anytime I divulge my story to coworkers, I find that they have their own stories of sexual harassment to share. The ‘whisper network’ creates a safe haven to discuss problems and prejudices experienced, warn others of harassers, and bolster camaraderie.
An interview with Mattie Brice on how play is challenging the status quo as a new tool for activism and expression
What does it mean to have success thru socializing at hot-ticket events if you cannot get past the front door of them?
Everything that's wrong with the tech industry this week, and who's to blame.
This week's top tech, culture and diversity news.
Tech and culture news from around the internet.