Betsy Haibel

Betsy Haibel is a software engineer based in Washington DC. She’s also a RailsGirls DC mentor, an organizer for Spanning Tree (DC’s incipient feminist hackerspace), one-half of the feminist code collective Irregular Gentlewomen, and an occasional set designer. Her other writing, both fiction and nonfiction, may be found here.


The stages of a butterfly from chrysalis to newly hatched.

The Life Cycle of Programming Languages

New programming language communities are “graded” on how cutting-edge they are: our pattern-matching capabilities associate white men with the cutting edge, especially if they’re talking about monads.

Unicorn stencil on a wall.

Hacker Mythologies and Mismanagement

Myths about engineering management harm projects. This makes them annoying and expensive. They also harm people. This makes them dangerous.

A printed out sign that appears to be taped up in a public bathroom says 'Did you consent to your involvement in this process' - underneath, someone has scrawled 'Absolutely not' in green marker.

The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User

When mistreating users becomes competitive advantage.