Liz Henry

Liz Henry is the Bugmaster for Mozilla. She’s a co-founder of Double Union, long time member of Noisebridge, active contributor to, and on the advisory board of The Ada Initiative and GimpGirl. She was formerly a developer and web producer for BlogHer. She helped organize some BarCamps and Wiki Wednesdays while working for Socialtext, and dabbles in Python, Perl, and php. Liz has presented at KiwiCon, Hackmeet, Open Source Bridge, The Story, Internet 2013, SXSWi, BlogHer Geek Lab,, DrupalSouth, She’s Geeky, Maker Faire, ETech, and many more conferences over the last 10 years.

Her books include Unruly Islands and The WisCon Chronicles: Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction. She lives with her partner and their children in San Francisco.


A prominent outdoor sign displaying accessibility information for a facility.

Unlocking the Invisible Elevator: Accessibility at Tech Conferences

Instead of complaining that disabled people just don't come to your conference, do something that would make them want to come to it!

A circular star map, with constellations linked by thin lines, with someone holding a magnifying glass in front of it to show the Orion group.

Investigation Online: Gathering Information to Assess Risk

When we share information, we are building power of our own.

A photo of the Double Union workspace. The floors are shiny, cement and a large square white table with a few chairs is in the center of the shot. On white shelves on the walls are plants, sewing equipment, and various supplies. A red workbench and plastic tubs full of tools are lined up near the walls.

The Rise of Feminist Hackerspaces and How to Make Your Own

Building community spaces, a brief history of feminist organization in tech, and what comes next.