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A unicorn drawn on the lid of a laptop next to the Apple logo.
Issue 41 by Anonymous Author on September 7th, 2016
Wage gaps and hiring discrimination persist despite the fact that most large corporations have affirmative action and equal opportunity policies.
Bright green whistle.
Issue 40 by Donyae Coles on August 17th, 2016
Handling of online abuse often leads to *further* oppression of marginalized voices.
Photo of the Chicago River with buildings rising all around it.
2014 in Review by Coraline Ada Ehmke on December 10th, 2014
The idea that the software industry benefits from an unwritten law of unconditional and mutual respect is an extension of meritocratic thinking: it’s as unrealistic as the meritocracy itself.
People in Google shirts holding a banner that says 'Google' with rainbow detailing.
Sex and Sexuality by Erika Lynn Abigail on September 8th, 2014
By placing improvements for trans tech workers within a systems perspective, transgender rights advocates can make tech more accessible to the most marginalized parts of the trans community.
Aerial shot of Silicon Valley.
Open Source by Erika Lynn Abigail on August 11th, 2014
While attempts to increase the size of the Autistic work force are laudable, it is important to critically think about how these attempts are executed.
Screenshot of The Save Wįyąbi Mapping Project webpage. The map shows most of Canada and the United States. The map illustrates the number of unsolved missing and solved and unsolved murders of Indigenous women with glowing, numbered red circles transposed on the map. The numbers shown in this view total nearly 1000, with high concentrations in the southwest corner of Canada (317), and the upper Midwest US and bordering area of Canada (191).
Social Media by Lauren Chief Elk-Young Bear on June 30th, 2014
Often absent from the mainstream discussion of global and domestic violence against women is the recognition of the state as a perpetrator.