Issue 40

the Week of August 15, 2016
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In this issue, we critique policy, reporting and moderation strategies on global social networks. We explore the challenges that marginalized people with ADHD face in tech and startup culture. We talk about the physical risks of tech work, and present the results of a community survey on the impact of work-related injuries and chronic conditions on tech workers. We examine the politics of status and “public interest” on Twitter, and discuss ways to create more successful educational environments for marginalized people coming into tech. Plus, a creative essay on bad startups. Photo CC-BY Kumweni.

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How Reporting and Moderation On Social Media is Failing Marginalized Groups

Handling of online abuse often leads to *further* oppression of marginalized voices.

Two women of color pair program at a standing desk in an office environment.

Building Tech Curriculums For Marginalized Learners

A growing number of tech educational programs don’t center our lived experiences or the things that motivate us as learners.

An X-ray image of a hand, illuminating the underlying skeletal structure.

The Physical Risks of Tech Work

When workers get hurt and are instantly pushed out for someone new and healthy, it’s easy to miss the number of people nursing chronic pain and injuries as a result of their jobs.

A sticker on a metal pipe that reads "Safe?" in bold letters.

Twitter’s New Verification Process is a Game Rigged Against Its Marginalized Users

Verification fragments an open platform based on social hierarchy and provides rewards and treatment accordingly.

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Building Better Tech Cultures for People with ADHD

Many tech workers with ADHD don’t fit the stereotypes.

This issue is made possible in part by some of our generous readers: Kenshiro Nakagawa, Patricia Torvalds, Brian V. HughesJames Turnbull and Sean Miller