Photo of Eira A. Ekre.

Eira A. Ekre

Eira is an author, teacher and game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She’s the co-founder of the writer’s collective “Fruktan”, and has spent most of her game dev career doing narrative design as well as diversity work within the industry.


An X-ray image of a hand, illuminating the underlying skeletal structure.

The Physical Risks of Tech Work

When workers get hurt and are instantly pushed out for someone new and healthy, it’s easy to miss the number of people nursing chronic pain and injuries as a result of their jobs.

Clock face, slightly burned as if it's been in a fire.

Point Break: How Crunch Culture Survives Despite a Decade of Criticism

We have continuously talked about how harmful crunch is. But game studios haven't changed their ways.

A whale pictured, jumping in the sky as someone looks up at it from the end of a dock over water.

The Whales of Microtransactions, and the Elephant in the Room

Game studios are now purposefully designing bad systems and mechanics, hoping that people will be willing to pay to get past the poorly-made parts of the service: when microtransactions are the sole source of income, we start to build our entire product around that model.