Photo of Tiffany Mikell.

Tiffany Mikell

Tiffany Mikell, CEO/CTO of BSMdotCo has over 10 years of professional experiences in technology, entrepreneurship and education design. Her ventures are focused on building tools and platforms that increase the accessibility of learning opportunities for the underrepresented. In 2013, she helped Dev Bootcamp launch its Chicago location and played a key role on the founding team. In 2010, she founded a successful technology consulting firm developing SaaS platforms for non-profits and social enterprises. She began her career as Java developer and Technical Architect with a specialization on ERP, Business Intelligence and SaaS based solutions for Accenture. Mikell’s work embodies and is driven by the idea that access to education, resources and support is the key to empowerment.


Two women of color pair program at a standing desk in an office environment.

Building Tech Curriculums For Marginalized Learners

A growing number of tech educational programs don’t center our lived experiences or the things that motivate us as learners.