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public speaking

A person with their cheek and hands pressed closely and deeply against the glass of the photo.
2016 Year in Review by Julia Nguyen on December 12th, 2016
Our efforts in supporting mental health must be comprehensive.
Issue 34 by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré on March 15th, 2016
We need more education about what OCD is, and what it is not: a punchline.
Picture frames against a wall.
Issue 34 by Tilde Ann Thurium on March 14th, 2016
Bootcamps are a micro example of how the tech industry is built on the emotional labor of the same groups who are marginalized within it.
Two women collaborating on a computer.
Issue 30 by Sharon Steed on November 24th, 2015
The system won’t work if there are no developers. It also won’t work if we fire the sales team or get rid of the marketing staff or can the designers. Tech is an ecosystem, and it’s much healthier when we are working cohesively within that system.
Registration table for the conference, featuring badges, ribbons for 'okay to photograph me' or 'ask first', and assorted supplies.
Events by Maggie Zhou & Alex Clemmer & Lindsey Kuper on October 27th, 2014
Despite "doing everything right," we failed to create a safe space for our attendees. How did we screw up?
A prominent outdoor sign displaying accessibility information for a facility.
Events by Liz Henry on October 27th, 2014
Instead of complaining that disabled people just don't come to your conference, do something that would make them want to come to it!
An array of about ten badges spread across the table. Many have ribbons and special tags on them that say 'invited speaker'.
Funding by Adele Shakal on April 7th, 2014
Creative Ways to Fund Your Participation at Tech Conferences… Even When Your Employer Won’t Pay
The author of this piece, on stage. A giant movie screen is behind her.
Mythology by Kronda Adair on March 17th, 2014
Start Somewhere founder Leanne Pittsford dreamed of being able to network openly with other queer women in the tech industry.