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Close-up of two black people holding their ankles and lower calves in their hands, feet upturned.
Issue 42 by Kara Melton on October 19th, 2016
We must avoid thinking that this new virtual frontier is somehow separate from the violences and exclusions that shape the ‘outside world.’
A model using the Dipper while talking on the phone.
Issue 28 by The Editor & Aniyia Williams on October 14th, 2015
We spoke to Aniyia about the wearable tech market, raising seed funding, building your founding team and where Tinsel is going.
A chip board.
Programming by Amrita Mazumdar on January 20th, 2015
Hardware is too often ignored when it comes to improving inclusivity.
A profile picture of the artist, turned to face an easel and canvas which she is finger-painting with her left hand. The canvas is heavily textured with what looks like small blocks in addition to lots of paint. In her right hand, she holds a palette covered with multi-colored blobs of paint, mainly blues and yellows. Her fingers and wrists are covered with paint. She is concentrating intensely on the painting.
Form by Ingrid Avendaño on February 3rd, 2014
Not all paths to the tech industry are the same. One woman's story of the heartbreaks and break-throughs along the way.
Richards, the author, is taking a self portrait wearing Glass, with the backdrop of a conference. She is grinning.
Form by Adria Richards on February 3rd, 2014
How introverts can enjoy being social with technology. (Hint: It doesn’t involve looking down at your phone)
Picture of a small robot with rubber tank tread wheels and a circuit board on top.
Form by Julia Grace on February 3rd, 2014
Julia Grace on How to Hack Your World