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A small drone with four sets of propellers flying against a sunset.
Issue 39 by Lauren Chief Elk-Young Bear on July 27th, 2016
What if we were able to harness technology independent of military and carceral dictation of the movement? How can we think about technologies in ways that would be helpful to women, not used as violence against us?
A cherry pie made out of Legos.
2015 Year in Review by Amy Nguyen on December 14th, 2015
If we reach our numerical goals only to look in the mirror and see all the corruption that already existed, we will have failed.
Image of a graphic game. The vantage point is from the backseat of a car looking through the windshield to the road. A woman with long hair is in the front seat, driving. There's a dialog box that says 'All you girls do all day is play videogames. It's not healthy,' with a response dialog that says, 'But mom, I really like videogames. Why do you care?'
Open Source by Chris Martens on July 21st, 2014
Despite obvious commonalities between digital game makers and critics and the tech feminist community, there doesn’t seem to be much cross-communication.
A diagram of a letter.
Lean Out by The Editor on May 22nd, 2014
We are tired of pretending this stuff doesn’t happen.
A circular star map, with constellations linked by thin lines, with someone holding a magnifying glass in front of it to show the Orion group.
Abuse by Liz Henry on April 28th, 2014
When we share information, we are building power of our own.
A tweet showing a screenshot of Google image search results for the phrase 'asians' which displayed stereotypical images and mostly fake inspirational posters. The text of the tweet reads: This is what I get when I google 'asians'. So yes, we need to have a #NotYourAsianSidekick convo because we matter.
Mythology by Suey Park & Eunsong Kim on March 17th, 2014
Twitter activism is not to be dismissed. Although Twitter exists to generate revenue off advertisements and corporations, it can also be used subversively - to go beyond imperial timelines.
A vintage black and white photograph of two women, backs turned to the camera, working at an IBM punch card computer about the size of two large xerox machines.
Lean Out by Amelia Abreu on February 24th, 2014
Women’s lives have been subjected to quantification for decades.
The author working in a chemistry lab.
Lean Out by Fay H. on February 24th, 2014
Why I Left, How I Left, and What It Would Have Taken to Keep Me in STEM
A photo of the Double Union workspace. The floors are shiny, cement and a large square white table with a few chairs is in the center of the shot. On white shelves on the walls are plants, sewing equipment, and various supplies. A red workbench and plastic tubs full of tools are lined up near the walls.
Form by Liz Henry on February 3rd, 2014
Building community spaces, a brief history of feminist organization in tech, and what comes next.
A screenshot of The Nation's article on Toxic Twitter Feminism as it appears on their website. A tiny magazine in the top corner shows that this article was on the front page of the print subscription.
Form by Suey Park & David J. Leonard on February 3rd, 2014
Call-out culture, gentrification on social media and the politics of feminist discourse online.