Photo of Eunsong Kim.

Eunsong Kim is a writer & educator residing in southern California. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Minnesota Review, LIT, Iowa Review, Seattle Review, Denver Quarterly, New Inquiry, and AAWW’s The Margins, amongst others.


Photo shows a chain-link fence against a blue sky. One of the sections of the fence has been removed, a hammock strung across the posts, and a person lays relaxing in the hammock.

The Politics of Trending

While trends are provoking of such surprise and dismay, are so formidable, so worthy of journalistic inquiry and coverage, there is little to no critical analysis of “trending” itself.

Scan of a vintage photo of Henry Ford riding in a Model-T car, which is emblazoned Fifteen Millionth Car.

The #TwitterEthics Manifesto

You don’t need to speak for us -- we are talking.

A tweet showing a screenshot of Google image search results for the phrase 'asians' which displayed stereotypical images and mostly fake inspirational posters. The text of the tweet reads: This is what I get when I google 'asians'. So yes, we need to have a #NotYourAsianSidekick convo because we matter.

Hashtags as Decolonial Projects with Radical Origins

Twitter activism is not to be dismissed. Although Twitter exists to generate revenue off advertisements and corporations, it can also be used subversively - to go beyond imperial timelines.