Issue 37

the Week of May 23, 2016
Photo of the Monkey Head Nebula: looks like large, intricate and beautiful billows of smoke against brilliant stars.

In this issue, we talk to the founders of a new site highlighting the diversity of global Muslim communities. We explore how diversity initiatives are sometimes used to cover up toxic work environments. We offer a critique of how — and why — video game studios leverage downloadable content. We look at designing better user interfaces for people facing anxiety, and hear one technologist’s journey as a Black mom in the industry. Plus, how the movement against online harassment is replicating long-standing problems in the feminist movement. Photo CC-BY Hubble ESA.

Scientific diagram of a crown ether.

When Movements Backfire: Violence Against Women and Online Harassment

The anti-online harassment movement is already replicating many of the shortcomings, failures, erroneous assumptions and faulty strategies of the larger violence against women movement.

Tattered red flag flying in the wind.

6 Signs That Your Company’s “Diversity” Initiatives Are Just Covering Up A Hostile Work Environment

Many companies preach about diversity, but do nothing of substance to address their issues.

Ellie and Riley from The Last of Us: Left Behind, looking towards us as if posing for a photograph; Riley is giving Ellie bunny ears behind her head. Both are dressed in soiled outdoors-y clothes and wearing backpacks.

Downloadable Diversity: How AAA Games Monetize Minority Representation

Diverse characters and storylines are often withheld from games to be sold as optional add-ons for additional cost.

A hopeful, blue horizon above a field of purple clover.

Designing Better Experiences for People Facing Anxiety

As more and more of our lives are played out in digital space, can we mitigate anxiety in the tools that we create and use everyday?

Why I Founded Geek Moms & Company: My Journey as a Black Mom in Tech

The kids are screaming, and I show it in my videos while I’m recording. Who has time to reshoot? This is life.

Photo of Hanan Challouki and Taha Riani sitting next to each other at a conference table.

An Interview with Hanan Challouki and Taha Riani, Founders of Mvslim

"We run Mvslim like a startup. This means we are always experimenting and figuring out how to make the whole project more efficient. It’s a learning process that never stops for both of us."

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