Photo of Ehi Aimiuwu.

Ehi Aimiuwu-Jinadu, 28 year old software consultant, artist, mother of 5 and founder of Geek Moms & Company. Ehi has been creating projects, including artwork for shows, jewelry for retail stores, photography and video for clients, for over 8 years. Her greatest strength is in documentary work.

Ehi also has worked in the tech industry for over 3 years and counting as a software analyst and consultant for one of the top software consulting companies in the US. With her experience as a tech consultant, she has learned a lot about software analysis, enablement and engagement, as well as CMS, hosting and domains, and has a mission to help others learn about these tools.


Why I Founded Geek Moms & Company: My Journey as a Black Mom in Tech

The kids are screaming, and I show it in my videos while I’m recording. Who has time to reshoot? This is life.