Lean Out

Published Feb 24

This is our third issue, Lean Out. We look at evictions and gentrification in the Bay Area and open source projects to combat them. Learn about the politics of how we define “tech workers,” meet a startup focused on community-based sign language interpreting, and explore the contradictions of Lean In ideology in a sexist society. Later, we hear about quitting STEM, discuss starting companies without venture capital, cover care-giving in the age of quantified self, analyze what’s behind the gendered language debate and consider archetypes of women CEOs.

I've lost a lot of my dreams by leaving chemistry. I've treated this loss much as I would mourn a death. I gathered my close friends for a wake of sorts and we shared food and tears and hope. I cried until I was sick of it.
Lean In cannot be interpreted without considering the political landscape of the tech industry, from which Sandberg has emerged into world-wide fame and wildly disproportionate fortune.
I root for those women who have both the talent and the stamina to contend not only with the competition, but also with the unrelenting misogyny of our America culture as it relates to women in business. And I mourn whenever one goes up in smoke.
Women’s lives have been subjected to quantification for decades. But rather than leaning in to a new generation of sensing and tracking, how can we envision a feminist data future? How do we seize data to recognize the previously unacknowledged?
Speaking for yourself is one of the free world’s greatest promises. Here are the top five ways the tech community can support deaf tech workers.
Recent discussions of diversity in technology tend to focus solely on people who code or program for a living. Yet the groups of people whose work is essential to the tech industry is vastly larger.
Nearly every woman in tech I've spoken to has a binderful of stories of sexist, biased and double-standard behavior, including outright sexual harassment.
It is largely tech workers who can afford the new housing being created by speculators who evict longtime tenants, and their employers who support the political climate that allows speculators to prosper.
An analysis of gendered language in tech, the backlash around it, and why tech can’t seem to let go of exclusion.
Raising venture capital doesn’t mean a startup succeeded (or will succeed). After all, venture capital is not revenue. Here’s advice for bootstrapping your company from someone who’s done it.
In this post, we look at some new platforms for growing independent tech work and why community support is so critical to these efforts.
This week, we bring you the Blameful Post Mortem's scandalous feminist sensibilities edition, and talk about conference speaker diversity. You can sign up to get this weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox.
In this week's edition, a man thinks that "feminism is possibly one of the worst phenomenas in my country and the world in general."
Everything that's wrong with the tech industry this week, and who's to blame.