Erin McElroy

Erin McElroy is a founder and director the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a San Francisco Bay Area digital mapping and storytelling collective working to make visible what gentrification and displacement invisibilizes. Erin also organizes with Eviction Free San Francisco and the Heart of the City Collective, both direct action groups working to hold real estate speculators and tech corporations accountable to San Francisco residents and communities. Previously, Erin’s work has engaged participatory action research in studying formations of dispossession enacted upon Roma communities in Romania and Northern Ireland. Erin earned a MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2011, and a BA in Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies from Hampshire College in 2004.


McElroy, the author of this piece, at a protest, holding a megaphone.

Tech Workers and the Eviction Crisis

A look at new technology projects combating Bay Area speculation, plus the role and responsibilities of tech workers within local communities.