the Week of January 20, 2015
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In this issue, we explore the culture and politics of programming, software development and engineering teams. We discuss how industry monoculture affects the future of computing, analyze hacker mythologies and critique the rise of code schools. We look at biases and stereotypes about programming languages, and learn about how engineering management models impact workplace diversity. Plus, dysfunction in the computer science pipeline, and the true motivations behind the learn to code movement. See full issue

2014 in Review

the Week of December 8, 2014
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In this issue, we talk about the major themes, events and trends of 2014. We cover the state of tech and its culture: what we saw this year, community and corporate response, and what comes next. We explore the rise of social media activism, and analyze the ongoing threats of online abuse and cyber sexual assault. We critique the year in education technology, the movement for codes of conduct at tech events, and the urgent & systemic problems tech still won't address. See full issue


the Week of November 18, 2014
Edge of a ruler.

In this issue, we talk about hiring diverse teams. New articles on the problem with technical interviews, the mythologies behind "hiring the best," and how hiring processes build tech's homogeneous culture. We explore the politics of support roles in the workplace, the barriers to internships in tech, and how Blacks and Latin@s are left out of tech hiring. Plus, practical tips for improving your hiring processes, from job postings to internal policies. See full issue


the Week of October 27, 2014
Curtains on a stage.

In this issue, we talk about creating accessible events, discuss the limitations of codes of conduct and critique tech's alcohol culture. We feature lessons on building welcoming events from experienced organizers, and look at how microaggressions function at our meetups. We explore the status quo of today's tech gatherings and cover the importance of centering marginalized voices. Plus: new Q&As, 10 tips on organizing diversity-focused events, and what "inclusion" and "safety" really mean for our conferences. See full issue


the Week of October 7, 2014
A sign in a window that reads These Premises Are Under Surveillance.

Explore the politics, culture and technology of surveillance. In this issue, we feature pieces on sex work and surveillance, black women and surveillance theory, and the ethics of academic surveillance from elementary schools to the research establishment. We critique anti-surveillance methodologies, explore the histories of state violence and civilian surveillance, and learn how surveillance became Silicon Valley's business model. Plus, social media as a digital panopticon and Big Brother, race and immigration. See full issue

Sex and Sexuality

the Week of September 8, 2014
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We explore technology's complicated role in our sex lives, the politics of running sex tech startups, and social media as a space of sexual exploration and acceptance. We look at online dating and poly culture, the double-standards of in-office affairs, and power and sexuality in Silicon Valley. We discuss being gay on the internet and the hazards of OKCupid in patriarchal society, plus the tech industry’s relationship to the LGBT community. See full issue