Mental Illness and Disability

the Week of August 11, 2014
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We have articles on how the stigma of mental illness manifests unfairly at work, Autistics in Silicon Valley, and ADHD and recreational use of Adderall in tech. We explore mental illness and social media, discuss mental health in abusive workplaces, and examine initiatives within the industry to build awareness and empathy around mental illness. New authors tell their stories, covering suicide and shame, depression and the risks of being out, and the harmful pressures of tech culture at every level. See full issue

Open Source

the Week of July 21, 2014

We critique open companies, discuss leaving toxic open source communities, and explore how the technical “talent shortage” is manufactured. We look at how hero worship operates, the Eich crisis at Mozilla and the politics of open source meetups. We talk with an exciting new open source project by and for marginalized people, and look at the mythologies around the open source hacker. Plus, an interview with an OSS leader, and an article on tech feminism and digital game makers and critics. See full issue

Social Media

the Week of June 30, 2014
Twitter Map

We analyze how Facebook constructs sharing, explore how online protest is built, and critique media, safety and attribution on Twitter. We discuss moral panic and contested digital space, and anti-blackness and misogynoir on social networks. We expose how social media activism and women's organization is co-opted to promote harmful legislation. We describe common derailing strategies used in the open source community, and think through what it means to be "visible" on the internet. See full issue


the Week of June 9, 2014
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We cover structural and economic white supremacy in tech, critique the ways managers are promoted and trained, and discuss how tech leaders can advocate for accessibility. We look at the design and technology of 'social good' ventures, building a culture that doesn't revolve around perks, and workplace discrimination against people with chronic illnesses. We critique agile methodology, explore common HR anti-patterns, and talk about engineering culture and distributed systems. Plus, new images and interviews! See full issue


the Week of May 19, 2014
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We explore transitioning in the age of Facebook, chronicle over fifty years of gay tech, and critique where existing women in tech efforts are failing. We cover microaggressions against black queer people in the community, talk to the founder of Lesbians Who Tech, and think critically about the use of queer tech in the South. Plus, a Q&A on a new cyberworld for LGBTQA youth, an interview with a San Francisco activist focusing on class mobility, and what abusive work environments are like when you've experienced abuse in the past. See full issue


the Week of April 28, 2014
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In this issue we explore sexual assault in tech, how systemic abuse affects its targets, and why hiring for diversity isn’t enough to change tech culture. We cover how entitlement leads to abusive behaviors, how serial abusers are allowed to operate in tech workplaces, and some steps that targets of online harassment can take to investigate threats. We discuss how abuse of users is built into social platforms and how games can be forces in anti-oppression. We hear lived experiences of abuse, which is pervasive in our industry. See full issue