Issue 38

the Week of June 20, 2016
Rainbow flag billowing in the sky.

In this issue, we explore the impact of trauma in the workplace and look at issues of attribution, ownership and appropriation when it comes to social media hashtags. We talk with the founder of a just-launched platform for black tech news, and explore one immigrant’s perspective on American startup culture. We have a community discussion about tech activism and burnout, and look at where tech intersects with other social movements. Photo CC-BY torbakhopper, cropped.

A person reaching for a lightbulb illuminated in a dark room.

Putting a Spotlight on Diversity in Tech Burnout

As our initial community survey shows, burnout in the diversity in tech movement represents a state of crisis.

A crossed-out universal access sign against trees, text reading 'Non-ADA Trail'.

Building Accessibility Culture

Accessibility must be part of every aspect of business, part of the minimally viable product, a core part of how we approach the launch and growth of our platforms.

Black and white image of a woman in a plain dress leaning in a doorway; on the surrounding walls is the vague impression of dark woods, trees and mosses.

At Odds with Startup Culture: An Immigrant’s Challenge Being ‘Open’ in the Workplace

When you grow up with fundamentally different cultural expectations from everyone else around you, it pervades every aspect of your life.

The word "hashtag" with a pound sign stenciled and spray-painted on a street.

The Politics of Hashtag Ownership and Attribution

Discussing community, intellectual property and media accountability with April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite and Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds.

Photo of Sherrell Dorsey.

Building a Platform for Black Tech News: Our Interview With Sherrell Dorsey, Founder of ThePLUG

"ThePLUG was birthed out of the idea that creativity and the world of tech are nuanced industries with diverse people that are too often left out of mainstream media."

An eerie, long shadow of a person superimposed over a driveway with cars, and large trees in the background.

Exploring the Long-Term Effects of Oppression on Marginalized STEM Workers

Does chronic exposure to workplace stressors and aggressions affect our neuroanatomy?

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