Photo of Archana Madhavan.

Archana Madhavan is a content strategist at Amplitude Analytics, where she manages the company blog and writes about growth, product, and analytics. In her past life she was an Immunology PhD student and grant writer at Stanford University, co-founder and writer of a science podcast, and co-founder of a health research startup. She cares deeply about mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and immigrant culture in America.


Series of multi-colored globes in a pile.

“The App You’ve Never Heard Of”: Exploring Western Bias in Tech Media

If an app isn’t developed firstly for the Western market, tech press suggests its success isn’t worth knowing about.

Black and white image of a woman in a plain dress leaning in a doorway; on the surrounding walls is the vague impression of dark woods, trees and mosses.

At Odds with Startup Culture: An Immigrant’s Challenge Being ‘Open’ in the Workplace

When you grow up with fundamentally different cultural expectations from everyone else around you, it pervades every aspect of your life.