Photo of David Peter.

David is a software engineer for now. His dream is to live next to an ocean with a dog and warm weather. His other dream is to be a traveling writer, hiking and biking and taking trains. He has dabbled in illustration, game-making, learning languages, equestrianism, dance, playing the piano and ocarina, and picking up other random skills to add to this list.


A crossed-out universal access sign against trees, text reading 'Non-ADA Trail'.

Building Accessibility Culture

Accessibility must be part of every aspect of business, part of the minimally viable product, a core part of how we approach the launch and growth of our platforms.

Panoramic of Crater Lake, a scenic view of water, mountains, trees and hazy sun.

The Hearing Monoculture Rejects Those Who Can’t Hear

I have never met another person who is deaf at a hearing tech conference. I regularly see uncaptioned video tutorials for open source libraries and transcript-less tech podcasts. I stopped going to tech meetups. Without any representation in tech, I grew up a token.