Issue 18

the Week of March 16, 2015
Cracked pane of glass.

In this issue, we deconstruct the myths around early adopters and why blogging platforms fail, explore how victims of domestic violence are silenced in online spaces, and critique the state of accessibility in new and emerging technologies. We cover exclusion in the Unicode standard, perception vs. reality of the minority experience in tech, and how the game development cycle is inherently harmful. Plus, how gaslighting shapes our professional and social spaces, and the politics of “trending” on social media. Photo CC-BY jinterwas, cropped & filtered.

Photo shows a chain-link fence against a blue sky. One of the sections of the fence has been removed, a hammock strung across the posts, and a person lays relaxing in the hammock.

The Politics of Trending

While trends are provoking of such surprise and dismay, are so formidable, so worthy of journalistic inquiry and coverage, there is little to no critical analysis of “trending” itself.

A lit gaslight.

Flickering the Gaslight: Tactics of Organized Online Harassment

Faced with organized infiltration, appropriation and psychological abuse in our online communities, we have stopped believing in our own interpretations of what we experience.

Sand, with a dry, cracked chasm splitting it.

How Suge Knight is Responsible For the Wage Gap: A Perspective on Race, Gender and Technology

The gap between my experience as a black woman in tech, and what others perceive of that experience.

The hallway and stairway of a castle, fallen into disrepair and dilapidated.

The Expendables: How Game Development Standards are Inherently Harmful

In a way, you were the dream: someone who delivered high-quality work - or even perfection - without staying at the company long enough to get paid.

Escalators in a bright, empty room.

Taking The Social Model of Disability Online

Decades have passed and still accessibility remains on the fringes of technical change.

Typewriter with the keys replaced by emoji buttons.

I Can Text You A Pile of Poo, But I Can’t Write My Name

We can’t ignore the composition of the Unicode Consortium’s members, directors, and officers -- the people who define the everyday writing systems of all languages across the globe.

Lips pictured through a camera lens, making the 'shh' gesture.

You Think You’re Helping: The Silencing of Domestic Violence Victims On Twitter

Only the stories of those who are entirely sympathetic, that did all the right things, that say all the right words - those who have the privilege to speak publicly - will be heard.

Aerial shot of a lush country club with golf courses and large houses.

Country Clubs on the Web: Exclusivity and the Myth of Early Adoption

How different the social media landscape would be if sites focused on more than the good ol' boys network to drive their initial growth.

This issue is made possible in part by some of our generous readers: Julius Parishy, Anoop Ranganath, Tim MurrayBrian Gesiak, Till Klampaeckel, @chort0Jonah Williams, Cate Huston, Sven Fuchs, Tiago Rodrigues and Bryce Kerley.