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Nikki Murray

Nikki is owned and operated by feir cats. Fey started feir career as a full time abortion fairy and picked up coding in feir spare time, eventually taking a full time job as a software engineer. In feir cats’ opinion, fey spends too much time playing Final Fantasy games, reading books, playing feir flute and not spending nearly enough time cuddling with them. You can find feir book reviews, feminist writings, and coding rants here.


Hands on monkey bars.

Programmer Legitimacy: Earned, Bought, or Borrowed?

Legitimacy as a programmer universally requires a stamp of approval from institutions with power and privilege over marginalized groups.

Lips pictured through a camera lens, making the 'shh' gesture.

You Think You’re Helping: The Silencing of Domestic Violence Victims On Twitter

Only the stories of those who are entirely sympathetic, that did all the right things, that say all the right words - those who have the privilege to speak publicly - will be heard.