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Characters from Splatoon, customized with the skin tone feature.
Issue 26 by Jose Cardoso on September 2nd, 2015
In a video games climate that has been decrying the prevalence of rehashed themes and narratives, perhaps the matter of racial inclusion can serve as one catalyst for greater change.
A mobile phone with various social media icons, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and others.
Issue 19 by Alice Wong on April 7th, 2015
The power and promise of social media is still out of reach for some people with disabilities who do not have the same ease-of-use and benefits as non-disabled users.
A mobile phone with the Facebook login screen displayed.
Social Media by Anna Lauren Hoffmann on June 30th, 2014
The Zuckerberg Files and Facebook’s Enduring Contempt for the World
Photo of the author speaking at an event, holding a microphone and gesturing.
Management by Matt May on June 9th, 2014
Tech workers should be advocating for accessibility - how to get started and what to expect.
A printed out sign that appears to be taped up in a public bathroom says 'Did you consent to your involvement in this process' - underneath, someone has scrawled 'Absolutely not' in green marker.
Abuse by Betsy Haibel on April 28th, 2014
When mistreating users becomes competitive advantage.