Issue 39

the Week of July 25, 2016
Architectural drawings for a panopticonic prison. Radiating cells from a center surveillance tower. Via photographer: "proposed prison at outram in 1880s by colonial engineer JFA McNair. unbuilt or unbuildable."

We explore exclusion in blockchain tech, and look at feminist applications of drone technology. Plus, a two-part feature interview on worker's organization and unionization in Silicon Valley. See full issue

Issue 38

the Week of June 20, 2016
Rainbow flag billowing in the sky.

We explore the impact of trauma in the workplace, and look at issues of attribution, ownership and appropriation around social media hashtags. Plus, a community discussion about tech activism and burnout. See full issue

Issue 37

the Week of May 23, 2016
Photo of the Monkey Head Nebula: looks like large, intricate and beautiful billows of smoke against brilliant stars.

Designing better user interfaces for people facing anxiety, how video game studios leverage downloadable content, and one technologist's journey as a Black mom in the industry. Plus, a critique of the movement against online harassment. See full issue

Issue 36

the Week of April 25, 2016
Cows in a pasture.

We deconstruct the rhetoric of imposter syndrome, cover the implications of artificial intelligence for queer and trans people, and critique claims behind the 3D printing "revolution." See full issue

Issue 35

the Week of March 28, 2016
Rainbow fractals from light shining on a broken reflective surface .

In this issue, we highlight Black culture and the lives of memes, and look at biometric surveillance in the world of video games. Plus: free labor and conference speaking, and the racism in sci-fi and fantasy fandom. See full issue

Issue 34

the Week of March 14, 2016
Piles of silvery dead fish.

We explore how learn-to-code programs are built on emotional labor, why crunch persists in gaming, and take a deep-dive into the world of political design. Plus, a critique of coops as an inclusive organizational model, and side project culture in tech. See full issue