Building Model View Culture

the Week of January 18, 2016
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After two years of successful operations, we’re finally ready to share a little more behind-the-scenes of Model View Culture. In this special issue, our founder and editor Shanley Kane discusses topics including funding models, marketing, ethics, business management, community relations, launching, sustainability and more. We look at how Model View Culture runs from both a practical and philosophical point of view, with lots of specific advice for running social justice organizations, publications, events, conferences, collectives and other awesome things in tech and beyond. Enjoyed this issue? Make sure to support our work by subscribing. Photo CC-BY Gillian Fisher.

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Funding In-Depth: Our Subscription Model

A behind-the-scenes look at how MVC subscriptions work: how we set pricing, design our marketing, what technology we use, and how to use these tactics for your own media project.

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Designing a Sponsorship Program

We cover picking a price point, promoting your sponsorships, developing ethical guidelines, and how sponsors help us make MVC.

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Using Crowdfunding To Support Your Work

How we think about and use crowdfunding at MVC, and what social justice/feminist/community platforms can learn from us.

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Funding Model View Culture

Building sustainable funding that supports your mission and goals, allows you to grow, and develops community connection.