Stephanie Morillo

Stephanie Morillo is a Dominican-American musician, writer, and technologist hailing from the Bronx, New York City. She frequently writes about race, class, her experiences learning to code, and working in tech. She helps others learn to program, sings melancholic songs, and dreams about well-written documentation because the world needs it.


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In Who Do We Trust? How Privilege Plays Out in Security and Privacy Online

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How Black People and Latinxs Are Left Out of Tech Hiring

Having more white women attendees at a conference this year than last is hardly diverse, and hardly a reason to celebrate diversity when Black people and Latinxs still make up only 5% of people in tech.

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Tech in Underserved Communities: Beyond Feel Good Stories

It’s hard not to miss the sentimental value in the stories of those whose lives were changed by tech’s opportunities. But something is missing.