Photo of Fallen Matthews.

Fallen Matthews

Fallen Matthews is a Black, Métis freelance writer as well as sociologist currently studying existentialism and supernatural folklore. She explores intersectional feminism, masculinity, male masochism, religiosity, and reality versus rationality in her writing, in addition to tweeting quite the colorful albeit idiosyncratic stream @KittieFallen. When she isn’t writing or raving about the futility in systemic oppressions and selections of her syllabi, she enjoys penning erotic novels—acknowledging that whilst her prose may incite the imagination, her sales rank inspires thoughts of tumbleweed.


A lone student walking across a brick walkway, outlined dramatically by rows of stairs in black and white.

Nobodies to Everybody: How Plagiarism Pervades Marginalized Students

Any contribution I make will either be ignored or exploited to sell their idyllic, inactive intellectualism.