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online dating

The BDSM flag flying in the Castro, Twin Peaks rising behind it.
Issue 43 by Ava Ex Machina on November 18th, 2016
I exist for men’s own sexual self-exploration, a freak without my own right to privacy or freedom from public shame, a resource for their own self-discovery -- that like all things in an on-demand world, they feel entitled to access at any time.
The Thurst logo: the name with a large, bubbly teal illustration of a drop of water.
Issue 39 by Morgen Bromell on July 25th, 2016
My hope is that we can allow folks to express the truths of their existence and be their full selves while seeking to connect with others.
Sign reading "Comment Alley".
Issue 24 by Carli Velocci on July 22nd, 2015
I spoke to the founders and editors of Femsplain,, Black Girl Nerds, Thurst and Autostraddle to find out what it takes to create safe spaces online.
A tweet from user LynnMagic that reads 'pls read the sign. GAYS ONLY !' Attached is a photo of the author pointing to the words 'gays only' written sideways on her chest.
Sex and Sexuality by Lynn Cyrin on September 8th, 2014
Go out into the twitters. Become more gay. More powerful!
Screenshot of eHarmony relationship status question.
Sex and Sexuality by Matt Albrecht on September 8th, 2014
The search for more inclusive polyamorous options on dating sites.
San Francisco in fall.
Sex and Sexuality by Erica Schoonmaker on September 8th, 2014
What gives men the idea that sending these kinds of sexually explicit messages off-the-bat, unsolicited, and before getting to know a person is okay?
Image of a bridge at sunset in Baton Rouge.
Queer by Dylan Staley on May 19th, 2014
Gay technology in the South and how it’s changing the ways we live and date.
Photo of many multi-colored handkerchiefs in the back pockets of an individual wearing jeans.
Queer by Chris Dancy on May 19th, 2014
Five Decades of Gay Technology and Where It’s Going Next