Blameful Post Mortem: A Pattern Of Surveillance, Stalking and Stealing

by The Editor on October 30th, 2014

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A Rainbow PUSH Coalition survey of the boards of 20 top tech companies finds that only four of their combined 189 directors are black or Hispanic, and that “Eleven of the 20 companies — including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay and Google — have no one of color on their boards.”

Femsplain is a just-launched content community for women: “Our goal is to highlight all the amazing diversity of women on the Internet who might not have another outlet to speak on.” They are taking content submissions and have new articles up on online dating, sexual harassment, pop punk and other topics.

MIT has published their 2014 Community Attitudes on Sexual Assault survey, conducted with enrolled students. Since coming to MIT, 8% report being sexual harassed, sexually assaulted and/or raped. Of female undergrad respondents, 15% report they have been sexually harassed, 10% report they have been sexually assaulted and 5% report they have been raped while at MIT.

Here’s a PBS MediaShift panel called “Hack the Gender Gap” that focuses on how women can succeed in tech and media.

There’s a growing investigation into California Highway Patrol officers who stole and distributed photos from the phones of female suspects in a violent and abusive “game”. The practice echoes a common pattern of gendered surveillance, stalking, stealing and non-consensual distribution of data we have seen everywhere from the police, to the NSA, to startup engineering teams.

Following up on a new Model View Culture article on alcohol and inclusivity is this post on alcohol, hiring and tech culture: “If you are making hiring decisions based on somebody’s willingness or ability to drink, you are making bad hiring decisions. Not because those people are necessarily bad hires, but because you are making those decisions for the wrong reasons. You are not hiring people to be your friends.”


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